Important Information - Please Read:


The Actual cost to rescue and adopt - one of these and many other beautiful dogs is around $500, but with the help of our donations, that's NOT what you will pay to adopt. You, and You alike, can actually adopt-a-dog for only $200 plus the cost of the crate. We're not kidding! With the help of our donations - we are able to ensure all dogs are adopted to loving, caring families. That's only.... $200 for a LIFE-LONG friend and family member. Kennels usually run between $50 & $80 depending on the size of the dog.

SO... what should cost you $500, will only cost you around $270. So why is this rate discounted: $230?


Donations from good people like you. Caring people who realize that every DONATION, no Matter what size, can help make the difference between "LIFE or DEATH", for one of these wonderful companions. Donations will offset the remaining balance and save the lives of 100's, even 1,000's of innocent dogs.

REMEMBER, you don't have to buy a dog to save a life. Your DONATION can really .... HELP!

We are in the process of raising enough funds to ensure all costs are covered and additonal funds are available to save more and more dogs currently in the "HIGH KILL" shelters.

Our Little Girl... "Breanna", will soon be arriving and becoming an important part of our family.

We saved an innocent puppies' life and you can too! PLEASE DONATE today.

I challange every one who views our site to donate even just $1.00.

Pass the word and help us save more lives.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our New Dog.... Breanna is finally Here

Here she is - Introducing Breanna,

On November 20, 2010 Breanna arrived after a 12 hour journey from North Carolina.
She arrived at 12 weeks old and was a full bundle of energy upon her arrival. She has adjusted well and loves being outside except in the rain. She arrived with 6" of snow on the ground and was not thrilled about heading outside.

House training is going well with less and less mistakes each day. We have had 1 doggy obedience lesson and are now trying to remember our manners when in public and around the house.

With Christmas coming Breanna wants to help some of her other friends at the shelters. Please find it in your heart to help another Breanna find a permanent "FOREVER FAMILY".

Breanna with John on a Walk in the Snow!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Health Benefits of owning a PET!

Ever wondered how a small little bundle of fur can add so much joy to your busy daily routine? The snuggling, the laughter and the unconditional love that pets provide can benefit you physically, psychologically and even socially.
According to the American Time Use Survey (2007), most employed people spend about 7.6 hours working on their normal working days. With such busy work routines, spending some playful time with your pets can help you reduce blood pressure and lower your anxiety and stress levels. Adults who don’t have kids can also learn the skills of nurturing and parenthood when a pet enters their lives. Studies also reflect the significant improvement that occurs among patients when pets are included during therapy sessions.

If you are currently not in a position to own a pet or you already own one - you can still make a donation so that someone else may also enjoy the unconditional love a pet gives to their owner/ family.

When you donate to us - you can rest assured that the donation goes directly to our foundation which provides our volunteers the funds to rescue the dogs from the HIGH KILL Shelters and organize them for their adoption.

DONATE to: HELP SAVE a DOG and know that you are saving the lives of two creatures. A four legged creature and a human being.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your donation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Abigail - A Pregnant Dog was Sponsored today!!!!

Sheri, My mentor and driving force behind my decision to save precious lives and adopt my puppy, sent me a wonderful story today of not just one life, but that of many lives which were saved today through a very generous donation.

MEET Abigail & this is her story: (DON'T forget your Kleenex!)

This past week, someone dropped their very (very) pregnant boxer through the drop box of the Rutherford Shelter where your beagle girl is coming from. She was dumped with her bed. We all were horrified when we saw Christine's photos of her, and I got on it right away.

One girl said she'd like to adopt her, but she lived over 1000 miles and 17h + 45 min away. Impossible for a dog this pregnant. We tried to think of a name for her, to give her some kind of dignity and hope. She had said storm, but it didn't fit. I thought of Gail, or Gale, as in a gale force wind. Then I thought of Abigail.

Abigail Carter is the author of a book called The Alchemy of Loss, and widow of Aaron Carter, one man of many people lost in the horrific twin tower tragedy.

A couple years ago, I had read Abigail's book, and was deeply moved by the words I read. I wrote to her to thank her, and to share how much her book had impacted.

She wrote back a short note of thanks.

Over the past couple years, I have thought a lot about that book, and about Abigail. And now, a couple days ago, here I was thinking of this poor dog, so scared and confused, worried about her puppies and her life. It was decided we'd call her Abigail.

I thought to email Abigail Carter to ask her if this might be okay. I sent a photo of the pregnant dog, and her story. Abby was so moved, and asked if she could help. Her donation made it so that pregnant dog got out of the shelter yesterday, to the vet for evaluation, and into foster care.

Abigail is said to be due in 10 (now 9) days. And she is safe, with her bed, in a nice home with people who care.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High Kill Shelters - HELP us Raise Funds to Save the dogs.

Did you know that there are some cities in the USA that only keep the dogs in the Shelter for 7 days before they put them to sleep? This week due to Remembrance Day - the dogs dropped off at the shelter this week have 2 lost days. They are scheduled to be "Put Down" Tomorrow - Wednesday. JUST think of what 2 extra does could do......

We are lucky in my area of North America - Shelters do not "Put Down" healthy animals.

I was introduced to an amazing Lady this week. Her Name is Sheri and she resues these dogs. She is a wonderful human being and spends her energy creating amazing art and uses the procedes to pay 90% of the costs of the adoption and only asks a nominal amount for the adoption. The cost usually asked for by Sheri is $200 + cost of the crate - but as you can see by the breakdown below - just how much it truely costs to save a life. The cost is around $500-$600 to ensure the animal is healthy before leaving the care of the volunteers.

Sheri raises funds to ensure that the adoption fee is nominal and that the animals are able to start a new life in a loving environment.

Here is a list of what takes place and the costs of bringing the dogs here: 
$62.50 adoption fee USD (includes spay/neuter and shots)
$ dewormer USD
$Flea control USD
$ any fees for foster care USD
$ 25.oo health certificate USD
$17.00 bordetella (kennel cough) USD
$199 + tax for flight $225? USD
$69.99 + tax crate USD
$8.50 park at airport USD
$14.00 HST Canada Customs CND (aprox)
$ 60.00 cargo handling fee CND



If you are interested in donating anything to our cause - Please follow the PAYPAL link on our blog.
100% of ALL MONIES rased will be used in the rescue of more dogs.

* Most dogs dropped off at this shelter are some sort of hound/hunting dog. Coonhouds / Beagles / Mixtures - after their first season of hunting - their owners don't want to keep them through the winter. Imagine your first months of life living outside in a wire cage and being used for hunting!